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Ape Mushrooms

The beneficial compounds that are inside of chaga depends on the relationship between the fungus and the tree because chaga is just a hardened mass of mycelium and birchwood. Ape v2 dried mushrooms

The compounds that it produces when it grows on Birchwood, one of them is called betulin.

This is actually a super important compound and betulin comes from birch so if you just grew chaga by itself or grew the mycelium out on grain or something like that it wouldn’t contain that petulant.

So wild harvested chaga that grows on birch is actually important for the beneficial compounds that are inside of chaga. Ape v2 dried mushrooms

The other interesting thing about chaga is it’s a super powerful antioxidant, it is one of the most highest concentration antioxidants of any of the natural products.

A lot of people use chaga for its digestive benefits, for skin health, for an antioxidant boost and for immune support.

It’s a super powerful mushroom as long as it’s properly wild harvested. it also needs to be properly extracted.

reishi ( king of mushrooms )

reishi sometimes called rishi, it is known as the king of mushrooms. reishi is known for helping people sleep well. Doctors prescribes it in sleep mix to help people relax.

Reishi the king of mushrooms rounds out my list of top medical mushrooms with lion’s mane, turkey tail, cordyceps and chaga. Ape v2 dried mushrooms

They’re very powerful and they’re also safe and easy to use. Others might include maitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oysters mushrooms, enoki or agaricon mushrooms.

Ape v2 dried mushroomsa.p.e mushrooms

Worth noting very briefly what these mushrooms all share they all have polysaccharides known as beta glucans. Simply put they’re found in the cell walls of mushrooms, they’re hard and often don’t break down.

Its very important to always cook mushrooms never eat raw mushrooms because they’re not good for you. The mushrooms are composed of chitin so it’s like you’re eating a chemical component identical to what’s in a crab shell.

If you eat a raw mushroom its passing through you, if you cook a mushroom you’re actually getting access. Your body can access the protein and the medicinal properties.

The beta glucans are what give the mushroom its immunoregulatory properties, what that means is it helps increase your immune cells to fight infections.

At the same time it can regulate back if you start to have an adverse immune overreaction. This means you can regulate up or down at the same time. Ape v2 dried mushrooms

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